The Day Watching Soccer Game vs Korea At Shibuya

This day has the one of the famous international football game Kirin Challenge Cup, and this night Japanese national team a.k.a. Samurai-Blue was having the game versus Korean team at Sapporo-dome from 7:30pm.
So I put on Japan's national team uniform (may be you've already known it's old one, but I'm still wearing becouse I love this design the most) and mourning which I made on my arm for Naoki Matsuda passed away otherday, and I pained Japanese flag on my face and my friend's too to enjoy this game :)
Unluckily, this day was Wednesday not week end so I could find some of supporters dressed up with blue uniform, but I'd like to show you some of them and atmosphere how they were excited at the Bar VERTEX, Shibuya where we went.

I was so happy to watch this game with my dear friends from France,
and they cheered and sang for Japan gonna win! merci! ;)

It is the time the game has finished with 3-0,
Japan's national team won this game versus Korean team!! XD


The day watching soccer game Japan vs Korea @VERTEX, Shibuya (Aug10. Wed. 2011)

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