Met La Carmina At Decadance Bar

Last day, I went to Decadance Bar in Shinjuku after work to meet my friends come from France for summer vacation. It was happy to met them couse it was no see them since last summer, and I haven't met my bro over 10month!! (actually, he is not my real older brother but he's one of my dear friends so that why I call him 'my bro' haha)
Surprisingly, I have more happy new that I could met La Carmina at there too! Last summer was my first time to met her after we have known each other on Twitter. This time I've already got message that she is coming this summer, but I didn't know I could meet her yesterday. Sadly, I had to leaving soon so I don't much time to talking with her.
So I'd like to meet her and talk and have fun in some of event sooner, and I hope her this trip in Japan will be great!



  1. Thanks so much dear!! See you again soon.

    † LA CARMINA †

    URL -

  2. > La Carmina

    I'm happy to get a lovely message form you^^

    ♥ ♥