Tokyo Decadance special GAME @Christon Cafe

This time Tokyo Decadance's theme was 'game' so my friend and I cos-played as Princess Peach and Yoshi from the most foremost Japanese game 'Super Mario'. For this time, I made the cap with green, red and white T-shirts to be cute as original Yoshi. And our concept and purpose were be sexy and find the man who cos-play with Mario at Tokyo Decadance! That why we had board with message. It sounds and looks great, doesn't it? LOL

Finally, we got Mario luckily!

Tokyo Decadance special GANE at Christon Cafe, Shinjuku (Apr24 Sat '10) 

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Hanami @Yoyogi Park

In this year, I have been invited from lots of Hanami party, so I walked around 3 different Hanami event to meet my friends only in this day. There were lots of event with people in Yoyogi park so it was really fun to see them.
full of cherry blossom and people in Yoyogi park

I walked around with some friends to find my friends in 4 the love's Hanami party

How are you?

with my friends Rokko and Adrien at Decadance's Hanami

Hula-Hoop master Koji

They thought us don't drink too much as cannot walk! LOL

Hanami at Yoyogi Park (Arp4.Sun.10)