2011/11/12 Electro Shock -episode 5- @Decadance Bar CM

Planet presents "Electro Shock -episode V-" @Decadance Bar CM made by ILLEGAL UNDERWEAR 

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP
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Tokyo Decadance Halloween Special 666 @Christon Cafe

 Halloween on this year, sadly I don't have any ideas for the day or Decadance party. Last year, I dressed up as Medusa and before last year when the first Halloween Decadance time for me I did black cat each were Western style not Japanese. Some day I'd like to be Japanese holler characters like as お岩Oiwa and お菊Okiku on 『東海道四谷怪談』Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan is the most famous holler story for Kabuki or the other ghosts in the story 『怪談』 was written by 小泉八雲Yakumo Koizumi aka Lafcadio Hearn. But Halloween is Keltic event and almost Halloween Decadance has at Christon Cafe has built with Western architecture style, that why I cannot help to choice this style every time, but I hope do them some day. You know I don't have much time to make own closes from I moved house a week age.
 Luckily, some days before the day, one of my friend Samy aka CPC is famous DJ and organizes Electro Shock which our event asked me 'why don't u give me some advice to dress or make up for Decadance?' then I decided this style with him. I worried that nobody cannot find or misunderstand him if I do for him with intense make up, so I choice skull make mixed with the image that Lady Gaga has done on the PV Born This Way and Brook is an artist from the popular Japanese Manga 『ONE PIACE』. I'd like to express his sense for music and humor and interest on his friendly mind with my make up. So I've done some as him and I wanna be kind of singer, dancer or pupil with CPU is the artist skull. How do you think I could do that? I hope so. I found lot of skull make people on the floor on this night that why Gaga did that I think, but I'd like to say we were Rot Away Zombie not only simple skull, and it made me happy that he really loved it and the other my friends said me that's really cool!
 I heard that no Tokyo Decadance Europe true this year, so I hope you enjoy to see some of party pics on my blog. That was great night Woohooo!! 





【Midnight ☆ Mess】
Mistress MAYA



One of the DX 6 GUST Kaya, and HIZAKI and KAMIJO from the  most popular Visual-kei band Versailles came Halloween Decadance, 
collaborated and showed special live concert with Selia on this time. 



with CPU
I've made up for him :3

 【Tokyo Dark Castle】

Next weekend October 29th is SWEET DREAMS DE HALLOWEEN XD

【Lunatic Sabbath】

【Torture Garden Japan】

This night THE HOOKERS usually performs at some of the events 
DEPARTMENT H or KING OF TATTOO collaborated with Selia was  singing.
It was my first time to see suspension directly, 
so I shocked about it but really beautiful show it was.


Hope u all have a Happy Halloween Night ☆


Tokyo Decadance Halloween special 666 @Christon Cafe, Shinjuku (Oct22. Sat. 2011)