Tokyo Decadance at f-BAR in Roppongi

Tokyo Decadance at f-BAR in Roppongi: post Tokyo Youtube Gathering (2011. Jun25. Sat)
took by Ronin Dave

Tokyo Decadance special '?' @f-BAR

This time Toyko Decadance was happened at f-BAR, 麻布十番 Azabu-juban not around Shibuya or Shinjuku usual, and it has '?' for dress code theme is something strange.
So this theme also made all annoyed to find original good dress use the theme '?' as me at first. Then I could get a great question 'Why almost every Decadance day has rain?' for my image of dress, and I'd like to mix simple '?' that people may say 'What a nice guy!' or 'Where did he/she get it?' when they are surprised at fashionable people in the street in them daily life. May you know, this day June 25th is the day that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson dead, so I payed him the compliment of put on armband made by ribbon as he has done.
Finally, I could make a image entitled 'Lady Rainy' was reminded from blue and white colors with Rock style. Can you understand I used wig which I made to make Mohican hair anyway? Hope you love it ;)

Let me say before I show you some Decadance's pis...
I met Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
at the station on my to Azabu-zyuban!
Sadly he and his crew went to other event around Roppongi not Decadance,
but I was so happy to met and talked with him in a minute XD

He will answer if you have some questions!

He is 840-Hasshin is photographer takes lots awesome event pics
at Decadance or Decadance Bar all the time :)


Mathieu BUGLET
He is official photographer at f-BAR, so it was good time to met him :)
So you can see his work from here MATHIEU BUGLET PHOTOGRAPHER


DJ Rina Neko

He is Ronin Dave, usually takes awesome movie when he comes Tokyo Decadance :)


To R mansion


Kazuho is photographer takes really cool pics at Decadance or other event for us
and happily, this day was his Birthday!

ah! it's Tokyo Decadance's next fliers at Jonathan's restaurant! haha
hope to see you guys in the next Tokyo Decadance at J-pop Cafe, Shibuya ;)


Tokyo Decadance special '?' at f-BAR (2011. June25. Sat)