Tokyo Decadance DX special ERO CIRCUS @Christon Cafe 新宿

This time Tokyo Decadadance after Europe tour on first of May, had same theme 'Ero Circus'. At first, I imaged a trainer of wild animals when I heard 'circus', but It seems too simple and common to I will dress up with a black glared dress and a whip. May you know, I try to think what is the paradox or humor for it when I break down to make a dress code. Then I could find the image that the lion doesn't listen to trainer's order any more. And female lions are too simple about appearance, so I mixed meal's good looking and female's elegance to be 'unisex lion'. That why the lion not tigers which i most love, I'd like to keep out it for the other special time. hehe ;)
By the way, can you find almost closes, lion's ear and tail, neck collar and tuxedo vest-corset I made? I made those ones on myself :)

He usually come and take great pics for us at Decadance :)


Crown Yamasuke
He is a performer good at pantomime and balloon art! :D

He presented it for me, lovely tiger! thanks! XD

DJ Rina Neko

It was so cool boots Adrien put on! :O

Can you find who He/She was? ;)

It Michi was! :D

It was his last time to play DJing on Tokyo Decadance's stage :'(

circus entertainer Sakunoki


Tokyo Decadance DX special ERO CIRCUS @Chiriston Cafe


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