Tokyo Decadance Special BUBBLE @J-POP CAFE

 End of the summer had Tokyo Decadance special BUBBLE at J-POP Cafe, Shibuya same place as the last time Vacances. I think it's little difficult to understand what does 'BUBBLE' this time theme mean, so let me tell you what is it first. Almost Japanese could image that 80-90's fashion or the most famous disco club JULIANA TOKYO when they hear the word 'BUBBLE', and we call the time people had lots of money and they use it as water.
 Then this time it invited a special guest lots people may know 荒木師匠Araki-Shisyo as for queen of JULIANA was called 「ジュリアナクイーン」「扇子の女王」「元祖扇子ギャル」 and she presented us awesome dance show at BUBBLE Decadance. It was little different dance or music style as usual you know, but it was really great join together on the dance floor! Sadly, I had bad cold and had to work from morning after this event, so I was obliged to came with simple dress and make than usually I do.
Anyway, I hope you could understand what is the BUBBLE style and enjoy to read with pics!
p.s. I wish it comes again and we could hang out and then drink and dance as BUBBLE :3







Tokyo Decadance Special BUBBLE @J-POP CAFE (Aug27. Sat. 2011)

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