Look Round DF Gallery At Harajuku

Yesterday I went to eat お好み焼きOkonomiyaki at さくら亭Sakuratei is the most famous place around Harajuku, and after, I and my friends come from France walked around street and got うちわUchiwa painted BLEACH's illustration. (You can get it at the front of 100yen shop at 竹下通りTakeshita-St. if you want!) I've already heard that now there has the big event for BREACH 10th Project 原宿卍解祭り at Harajuku from my sister, then we got it and went to Design Fest Gallery to see lots of original pictures by 久保帯人Taiko Kubo is its author, original goods and other special!

You can find characters and some of them says questions
on the flags at each streets and back alleys!

There were full with BREACH, so I'd like to show some of them :)

There were studded little humors related BLEACH each places ;)

I've got a message from my friend 風鷹KazeTaka is having own exhibition
with her friends at UN at same place, then we went there after enjoying BREACH :)

It was good day to look round gallery with friends :)


(Aug12. Fri. 2011)

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