Feb27.Sat.2010 @O-Floor, Shibuya

I went to the photo book release party at O-Floor, Shibuya by Kuulu with my friend. This photo book has almost pictures about Japanese pop, under ground culture and fashion, so we could listen and see these thing at this party on this day. If wanna have more detail, please go on to his blog from here ( photo book 1st party)

Buo, usually meet him at Tokyo Decadance

DJ Manik

Kuulu and DJ Manik

At The Night Park

It was the second time to help to took photo with him is majoring in photography at uni. You can check first time's pictures from here (At The Night Park)

You can check his other pictures on blog from here!
俺が馬以外をとれると思うなよ: http://uma825.blog81.fc2.com/


To day my friends and I went to the live event 'THE ROCK EMISSION' which UNDHIFEAT was acting on this stage and one of my friend Dai-san in this band. They play and sing metal song, but it was different from my images for 'heavy metal song', it was really cool music and easy to listen and joy. That was my first time to see UNDHIFEAT acted and it was really amazing!


Ikka(Dr.), Hiroshi(Bass), Seiji(Gui.)

You can go on to the UNDHIFEAT's HP with this URL and check the info. 
Hope I can enjoy the next live concert with you!

THE ROCK EMISSION at GUILTY, Shibuya (Feb22.Mon.2010)

UNDHIFEAT HP(for PC) http://undhifeat.heavy.jp/

Feb21.Sun.2010 @Harajuku

He was really dressed in Japanese Kimono and walking in Omote-Sando street, so I couldn't help to call him to take a pic ;)

I met them at the second hand shop 'Chicago' when we were looking for Japanese Obi belt each other.

This is the same uniform which Japanese speed skaters are wearing at Vancouver Olympic on '10. Is it can be very useful clothes for daily life? :P

Black Decadance vol. 2 @京町恋しぐれ

Black Decadance's dress code is usually SM, fetish, gothic etc...so this time I coordinated as 遊女(yuujo≒harlot) with haori and new corset which I made from obi(→Re).

Black Decadance at 京町恋しぐれ, Shibuya (Feb13.Sat.2010)

■Tokyo Decadance myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tokyodecadance
■Tokyo Decadance You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHbiQYwgp1Y&feature=player_embedded


my friend M.C.
This earring looks nice with you ;)

my sister R.W.
new corsage fits with your style!

Compare The Fashion With My Sister

This time theme was 'corset' so we coordinated each dress with it!
How do we look?

(Feb9. Tue. 2010)

Guess It!

Can you guess what am I making from this Japanese obi,,,?


February 2nd is 'Chandeleur(シャンドゥルール)' in France, may you know this event as 'Lichtmess(聖燭祭)' or 'Mariae Reinigung(聖母マリアのお清めの日)' in Christian, so I ate crepe with my French friends today. C'etait delicieux!