I Have Just Cut My Black Long Hair!

I've just cut my black long hair over 10years no change before I'm going to be 24years old next month today, so I'd like to say Good Bye my long long 10years to be 
better and better than now...anyway, how do I look? ;)


I Want You Back

 I've bought a new lovely T-shirt which one of my friend in the store RaRe dRoPs has designed the original T-shirt with Funk and Soul kind of Black Music for their image and motif.
So this time I got the Tee says 'I WANT YOU BACK' is the most famous song's title that Micheal Jackson was in Jackson5 has sang one day you know. You may see that it's L size and little bit bigger for me, but I could put it on as one piece. I'd like like to show you how do I arrange to wear it with my style soon ;)

Oh yeah, at last I'd like to tell you another lots of funky and stylish Tees at their web site, so let me write its URL here. hope you all check it ;)