3/3(土) Planet presents “Electro Shock -HINAMATSURI- @Decadance Bar

 Planet presents “Electro Shock -HINAMATSURI-

2012. 3/3. Sat   23:00-5:00

Decadance Bar
東京都新宿区新宿5-17-13 オリエンタルウェーブ8・9F
Tel: 03-5287-2426
Map: http://www.mapion.co.jp/c/f?uc=1&grp=all&nl=35/41/28.248&el=139/42/37.908&scl=25000&bid=Mlink

Door: 2500yen (+1D)
Discount: 2000yen (+1D)
VIP: 1500yen (+1D)
Girls and Okama-chan: 1500yen (+1D)
※You can enter for a Discount price of 2500yen when you bring your Discount ticket or join the Planet Facebook page/ mixi community and show the display of your cell phone to entrance.
You can click here to go to the community.
mixi community / Facebook page 

Special Discount価格の1500円で入場できるよ☆

ゲストDJには、その名はスペィド☆のTrack Makerで覆面DJのSLF!!を召喚♪
そして、Planetでお馴染み、DJ Taihei!!

変則Electro x Breaks使いのDJ Rinaneko!女性DJながらに音はElectro界一に極太?!遊び心溢れる独特の世界観をお楽しみ下さい♪
Electro RockのKenzo-A!! Decadance Barに復活出演です!
PlanetのマルチプレイヤーDJ Max!! Floor Readingにおいてお墨付き☆


★Guest DJs★
SLF!! [その名はスペィド☆]
DJ Taihei [OverDrive]

★Planet DJs★
DJ Rinaneko [Madskippers/Tokyo Decadance/Planet]
Kenzo-A [Gabriels Stiletto/The Cabal]
DJ Max [Planet]

ILLEGAL UNDERWEAR[No Pan Night!/O.T!Japan/Planet]

※It is all night event so under 20years old cannot enter. Please show your ID card.
We will request you to leave immediately when we find Violence, bring things that are prohibited or dangerous goods. Thank you.

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP
http://planetevent.jp/ (PCサイト)
http://planetevent.jp/ (携帯サイト)

Planet presents “Electro Shock -Family II- @代々木公園野外音楽堂


Planet presents “Electro Shock -Family II- @代々木公園野外音楽堂 (2012.2.19)

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP
http://planetevent.jp/ (PCサイト)
http://planetevent.jp/ (携帯サイト)

2/19(日) Planet presents “Electro Shock -Family II- @代々木公園野外音楽堂

This time, Planet is having a big charity event on the stage at Yoyogi park.

You should know, there is still a lot of victims around north Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency. The government is already helping the people with all its power, but most of people have no idea of what happened to the abandoned animals and pets, for some of them still waiting for their owner. Do you know how they are doing? Actually, most of them are sick and dying without the food and clean water that they used to receive from their owner. How do you feel when you hear about it? 
It doesn't matter only people are saved, isn t it? 
Then we found a group of people working to help these animals around Fukushima, and decided to support them this time with this event 「ねこさま王国(Nekosama-Oukoku)」 .
They are also member of our planet even, we chose them as 'family' for this event theme. Hope you go from this URL and see them blog first.

This is a fundraiser party, which means the entrance is free. But please help in raising donations. We are going to donate 70% of all collected for this group. (last 30% for working expenditure, accounting will be uploaded on our Web site after the event.)
We also would like to get fleece, cat toys, cat collars, cat houses, etc as relief for animals, please bring them to this event. If you want to donate food and household goods is t also ok, or you could even be a volunteer staff, 
foster parent or could hold them for while, please check these pages.


This is going to be our big event so we invited Vivid Loop as a guest. He has 
a special live music show for us. Preta Proko will also be there whis her famous yellow face, she will perform a special show for children. So pleace come ad join the event!

Finally this event has few cleaning times, one at the middle, and one at the end. We will give hot tea to all volunteers for cleaning, and a snack for the children. In order fr us to enjoy this place and be able to enjoy it next time, we need your help in keeping it clean, thank you.

Planet presents "Electro Shock -Family- Ⅱ"

2012. 11/19. Sun  10:00~16:00
代々木公園 野外音楽堂 
Yagai-Ongakudou at Yoyogi Park
Map: http://www.navitime.co.jp/map/index.jsp?datum=1&unit=0&lat=%2B35.39.50.961&lon=%2B139.42.1.440

Free Entrance!!

【Line UP】
☆Guest Artist(Live)☆
Vivid Loop aka DJ PsySuke [OverDrive/Nutek Rec./Neko Studio]

Beatkrush aka CPU [Sfx Recording/IBZ Recording/Planet]
DJ Rinaneko [Madskippers/Tokyo Decadance/Planet/Neko Studio]
Kenzo-A [Planet/ Gabriels Stiletto/ The Cabal]
DJ Max [Planet]

Porco Mama(12:40-12:50)

ねこさま王国 Speech about Fukushima from Nekosama Oukoku

☆Sound System


※We will request you to leave immediately when we find Violence, bring things that are prohibited or dangerous goods.
※It is the event has around public place, so please do not disturb and enjoy with your manner.
※Please take your own bottles, cans any other litter which you bring away.
※Do not littering please,Thank you.

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP
http://planetevent.jp/ (PCサイト)
http://planetevent.jp/ (携帯サイト)

Event Info

■2/11(土) TokyoDecadance×NIGHT MARE Special Valentine


one night 2 events!!

NIGHTMARE と TokyoDecadance がコラボレーション!


TokyoDecadance×NIGHT MARE Special Valentine

2012. 2/11. Sat  23:30~

Christon Cafe 新宿
東京都新宿区新宿5-17-13 オリエンタルウェーブ8・9F
Tel: 03-5287-2426
Map: http://www.mapion.co.jp/c/f?uc=1&grp=all&nl=35/41/28.248&el=139/42/37.908&scl=25000&bid=Mlink

3500yen (+1drink)
5500yen (+6drink)

Dresscode Discount: 500yen OFF

VIP table 10000yen(6drink or Sparkring Champagne)
※VIP tableをご希望の方はtokyodecadance.jp@gmail.comへ予約のメールをお願いいたします。



■:SM room:■


■:Chocolate fountain:■


*Please do not take picture whithout asking the person you would like to shoot.