Spontaneous Combustion Dec26.Sat.2009 @club ever

This day, I was hanging out with my friend Minami and she told me foremost select shop or good shopping spot around Harajuku and Shibuya. It was really good time with her!

After that, I went to the event 'Spontaneous Combustion' at club ever is one of my best jazz music party with my other friends, and it was the last time to have in 2009!

Tokyo Decadance special Pirates Christmas @Elephant Cafe

It coming Christmas then Tokyo Decadance had theme Pirate for this time and celebrate it. So every body wore up with wild costume, hair-style and make, and these looked really cool. For me, I would like to be a coolest girl pirate as Elizabeth from the movie 'Pirate of the Caribbean' series, then I dressed up with corset and eye patch which I made, and this hair make was my friend Minami did for me. It looks nice, isn't it?

Tokyo Decadance special Christmas @Elephant Cafe, Hayajuku (Dec22.Tue.2009)

'4 the love' Christmas Party Ft. DJ Silvio @東京SALON

This day, 4 the love invited DJ Silvio from Aus and had a Christmas party too, so many people dressed up as own Christmas costume!


DJ Silvio

'4 the love' Christmas Party Ft. DJ Silvio @東京SALON (Dec13.Su.2009)

12/13(日) '4 the love' Christmas Party Ft. DJ Silvio @東京SALON

'4 the love' Christmas Party Ft. DJ Silvio (Loin Brothers, Paradise Lost - Australia)

2009.12/13.Sun   17:00~23:00


(レストランLas Chicasを下りてすぐ)〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-47-6(B1F)
TEL: 03-3407-5028


Door: \2000 + 1Drink
Flyer or guest list: \1500 + 1Drink
Dress Code: \1000 + 1Drink

This is the special event, so don't miss it!!!

4 the love


I have a part-time job that I am working as a waitress at the hall has wedding party, banquet and any other receptions. Catering service is my usual job, but some time I stand at bar counter then I pour the wine into a glass and make simple cocktails. It might be not difficult work but I have never drank or don't have any idea about alcohol when I was 19years old I've began this job.
Now it past over a year, I've already accustomed to drink and of cause work to set the table and service much alcohol, then I would like to found more challenge from this job or other job kind of 'bartender' can put my knowledge or experience to good account. I've already understood that I cannot or wouldn't be a bartender for my lifework, but I want to get as much experience as possible in my life, may you know. So I'd like to find good opportunity to work as a bartender!