I have a part-time job that I am working as a waitress at the hall has wedding party, banquet and any other receptions. Catering service is my usual job, but some time I stand at bar counter then I pour the wine into a glass and make simple cocktails. It might be not difficult work but I have never drank or don't have any idea about alcohol when I was 19years old I've began this job.
Now it past over a year, I've already accustomed to drink and of cause work to set the table and service much alcohol, then I would like to found more challenge from this job or other job kind of 'bartender' can put my knowledge or experience to good account. I've already understood that I cannot or wouldn't be a bartender for my lifework, but I want to get as much experience as possible in my life, may you know. So I'd like to find good opportunity to work as a bartender!


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