Went To Gallery 「神の汚れた手」 At Ginza

I went to gallery has lots of pics were took by one of my friend 酒井孝彦 at 銀座Ginza with my friend today. These are all great individual pictures and I've heard that some of my friends have done model in each images, and I could enjoyed to meet up friends long time no see in months and talked at there. This exhibition has been held up till 3rd of next month May, so I'd like to you go to check it. Let me put its event information below.


took with Mr. Sakai in front of one of his pic


This Friday night, I went to the firstest Steam Punk style event around Tokyo was named 
STEAM GARDEN organized by Tokyo Steampunk Society. I haven't ever heard or image what kind of style Steam Punk is before, but I could understand a bit what is it meaning.
So let me say easily about it, Steam Punk is the literary and artistic movement inspired by the science fiction romances of the 19th century, retro mixes with SF style, and Japanese modernizing style in Meiji restoration. Anyway, seeing is believing, you should better to go its page or search and see lots of pictures about Steam Punk style fashion. 
And I took some of pictures who put on Retro, Modern, Steam Punk costume at this event, and it had twice fashion show produced by one of my friend Kenny Creation as know as the organizer of this event and group. So I hope you enjoy to see each style on this blog. Sadly, I don't have much time to prepare to have closes and accessories for this time, then I chose Modern Kimono and corset, I'd like to try 'Steam Punk' style!

He is the organizer this event and group Steam Punk Society Kenny Creation.

 DJ Ac-key


belly dance by Echan and Milla

It was good time to come this event, so I hope to come to enjoy next one sooner!
thank you Kenny!


To Get Studs

 Today, I went to KILLERS at 下北沢Shimokitazawa after work, to get studs to use to remake for my jacket. A few times I went to check this shop when I come Shimokitazawa you know, but I haven't know there is some kind of studs are sealing with good price until one of my friend told me about that.
 I didn't took pics around inside but you can guess it has lots of ROCK of PUNK style closes and little things, and of cause you could listen ROCK, Punk, Heavy Metal and more cool music in this shop.

 When I bought a few things and the staff presented lovely sweets per 1000yen for me this time♥

I found it but didn't buy...
It's lovely skull heel, isn't it?

I've bought this shirt with sale price at there :3



STEAM GARDEN episode:1 -Tokyo steampunk society-

2012.4/13.Fri.  24:00~


TEL: 03-6809-0850

Door: 3000yen
Dress Code: 2000yen
ex. victorian, Tuxedo, Kimono, Steam Pirates, Burlesque, Professor, Time traveller, etc...


"もし、今なお蒸気を用いた生活を送っていたなら" というSF要素を基に生まれた、現代のさまざまな芸術、文学、ファッションとの融合を図る、産業革命の雰囲気を進化させたサブカルチャーです。



Gramophone operators

Kenny Creation
Luke Chaos 

Exotic choreography: E+Milla

Troubadours: Naoki ebisawa

◆Industry marke (guilds)◆
a story (Master of watch)

Curious art, Absinthe & Hoohak pipes (Bar Chilling). 

We all await your gracious presence! 

 Have a nice steam!

Event Info

4/21(土) Planet presents Electro Shock with SESSION

Planet presents Electro Shock with SESSION

2012. 4/21. Sat   23:00-5:00

Womb Lounge 1F
Add:東京都渋谷区円山町2-16 1F
TEL: 03-5459-0039

[For 3floors]
Door: 3500yen
with Flyer: 3000yen
Reservation: 2000yen

ticket@planetevent.jp 宛に、題名:Womb Discount、本文に代表者のお名前と人数を添えてメールを下さい。(受付4/19まで)
※今回はSESSIONとのコラボレーションイベントなので、通常のPlanet EventのDiscount方式は適用されませんのでご注意下さい。(mixi page、Facebook Page等)

Planetはなんと、1階のWomb Loungeを1フロア貸しきっての開催です! 

Guestには、日本のTOP Electroレーベル「Madskippers」の創始者Numanoid aka DJ TSUYOSHI、
そして、IDPSのトップランカーDJ Yudaをオファー!

CPUことBeatkrushはProgressiveを披露! 壮大な世界をお楽しみ下さい♪
変則Electro x Breaks使いのDJ Rinanekoの遊び心溢れる独特の世界観は必見☆
Electro界ルーキーDJ MaxのFloor Reading力はお墨付き!
Kenzo-AのElectro Rockは貴方のHeartに火をつける事は間違い無しです☆

最高にDance fullな夜をお楽しみ下さい…☆

★Guest DJs★
Numanoid aka DJ Tsuyoshi [Madskipperas/Joujouka/IDPS]
DJ Yuda [IDPS]

★Planet DJs★
DJ Rinaneko [Madskippers/Tokyo Decadance/Planet]
Kenzo-A [Planet/ Gabriels Stiletto/ The Cabal]
DJ Max [Planet]
Beatkrush aka CPU [SFX Recording/IBZ Recording/Planet]

ILLEGAL UNDERWEAR [No Pan Night!/O.T!Japan/Planet]


※It is all night event so under 20years old cannot enter. Please show your ID card.
We will request you to leave immediately when we find Violence, bring things that are prohibited or dangerous goods. Thank you.

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP
http://planetevent.jp/ (PCサイト)
http://planetevent.jp/ (携帯サイト)

For White Decadance

 Last day had White Decadance event so I painted my skin black, put on the wig and I tried to change to white dress...but sadly I was still have jet lag and felt bad.
It was too sad that I couldn't make it to go there and I don't know when is the next, so I'd like to show u my image for this time. Anyway, I haven't changed my closes but it seems really different from usual, isn't it? XD