Torture Garden Japan 2011 Autumn Ball @eleven

 This day I went to club eleven around 西麻布Nishi-Azabu had TORTURE GARDEN JAPAN is the most famous fetish event has started from 2001 in Japan, and it was no event 2years. I heard like that and this time TGJ (Torture Garden Japan) would be the biggest one with high-class performances, music and audiences as genuine London, UK so it gonna be my most awesome fetish event I've ever seen.
 May you know, photography was prohibited except official photographers in this event, but please remember that I've already sent a message to ask and could got permission to take some pics to write and upload on my blog before the day. I was really lucky to get permission but sad to say, ain't professional or no sponsor blogger I am, so I couldn't take pics for each performances or shows on the floors. Now, it has still had maintenance, you will see lots of pictures all about it on TGJ's web site soon I hope. So I'd like to show you some pics I took only people said okay to on my blog were dress up in the nice clothes with own fetish styles and images.
 I wish you will find which kind of 'fetishism' you have when you go to events and parties like this after read my blog. Oo me? It is not sure which one I have actually, but I felt good when I dress with sexy black I most love the color and full of people are dancing on the floor.

 Baby Doll

with Max Hodges
He is the photographer and took nice pic for us this night :) 

 DJ Rinko

Torture Garden Japan 2011 Autumn Ball @eleven (Sep18. Sun. 2011)



  1. Seems like a nice party. Too bad fetish isn't my thing though.

  2. thanks your comment to my blog!
    It was nice event for me don't have especial fetish :P

  3. love the costumes, lots of imagination at work here.

  4. love TG would be great to go to the Tokyo party at some time

  5. thanks u guys say like that!
    hope u can make it to come TG some day ;)