Planet presents "Electro Shock -episode 1-" @Decadance Bar

 This day had an event Electro Shock at Decadance Bar, Shinjuku. It was the firstest time to held it and worked as a staff for me you know, so it gonna special event for all came there.
 It was very busy that there was a other event before ours at Decadance Bar, then we came early in the afternoon to set up and decorate around DJ booth or dance floor.I hope you've still remember that decorations on the speakers were made by RinaNeko and I with her own idea. So it made us happy that many people at there said 'That's so cool as rave party!' when they say that! Of cause it made us happy too that lots of people include my friends came there and enjoyed dancing till the morning even if it was our first time. (Can you believe that 4bottles of champagne has came out on this night! It's so amazing, isn't it?) So I'd like to show you some pics which I took, and let me tell you we have more pics on the Planet's Web site when it has uploaded ;)

She is RinaNeko is one of the organizer with Beatkrush aka CPU  
of Electro Shock our event. You know, they invited me as the member of Planet :)

Beatkrush aka CPU

VJ Ekacherina


Suddenly this board says Decadance Bar has fell down then I displaced them.
So how do you think? It's much better than before, isn't it? :P

with Mathieu and  Marine are my dear friends :3

DJ RinaNeko

Samulive aka Disc Junkey

DJ Taihei


Planet presents "Electro Shock -episode 1-" @Decadance Bar (Sep3. Sat. 2011)

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