Planet☆ Electro Shock episod2 @Moon Light

 Last Friday night we had 2nd Electro Shock event at the cool bar Moon Light around 六本木Roppongi our first time. You know,  this time we invited DJ Rinko is same event member MADSKIPPERS with RinaNeko, and one of the member of our Planet KENZO-A is famous designer of his bland Rituals and a vocal and gutter of the Rock band Gabriels Stiletto was DJing. All DJs Beatkrush, RinaNeko and DJ MAX not only them gave all full of dance floor great music to dance all the night this time!

 Beatkrush aka CPU

 DJ RinaNeko

 VJ fxxx


DJ Rinko


Thank you all came this time

Planet☆ Electro Shock episod2 @Moon Light (Sep16. Fri. 2011)

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP

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