This Friday night, I went to the firstest Steam Punk style event around Tokyo was named 
STEAM GARDEN organized by Tokyo Steampunk Society. I haven't ever heard or image what kind of style Steam Punk is before, but I could understand a bit what is it meaning.
So let me say easily about it, Steam Punk is the literary and artistic movement inspired by the science fiction romances of the 19th century, retro mixes with SF style, and Japanese modernizing style in Meiji restoration. Anyway, seeing is believing, you should better to go its page or search and see lots of pictures about Steam Punk style fashion. 
And I took some of pictures who put on Retro, Modern, Steam Punk costume at this event, and it had twice fashion show produced by one of my friend Kenny Creation as know as the organizer of this event and group. So I hope you enjoy to see each style on this blog. Sadly, I don't have much time to prepare to have closes and accessories for this time, then I chose Modern Kimono and corset, I'd like to try 'Steam Punk' style!

He is the organizer this event and group Steam Punk Society Kenny Creation.

 DJ Ac-key


belly dance by Echan and Milla

It was good time to come this event, so I hope to come to enjoy next one sooner!
thank you Kenny!


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