Put Something On Your Wrist


People often put something on their wrists, such as a watch, bracelet of beads, leather or any metal, missanga,,,and ofcause others. May you know by these pictures, each people has different one and design, and it shows each character and preference. So what about you usually or would like to have? Me? 
Sorry I didn't have nothing on this day! :P



Chain Pierce Jan29.Fri.2010

I made a new pierce with two little chains. So how does it look?

This Is It, This Is MJ! Jan27.Wed.2010 @HMV 渋谷

This is why I went to HMV in Shibuya with MJ's cos-play and buy his CDs and DVDs today ;)


Thank you and RIP,,,


From Mobile Phone

I hope to contact with you guys more and more!


My Boy Is Getting Sleep



Jan20.Wed.2010 At The Night Park

My friend is majoring in photography at uni, so this time he had to took some pictures with light and shadow to write a report, then I helped him. This is a one of some pictures which I imitated with the way he took!

He said he usually took pictures for houses, so you can check his some pictures on blog with this URL! Hope you enjoy his blog too!

俺が馬以外をとれると思うなよ: http://uma825.blog81.fc2.com/

Happy New Year 2010!!!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of my dear friends in the world!

I hope, make a more and MORE better year 
for YOU and for ME on this 2010!!!