Tokyo Decadance Special Rock @Christon Cafe

It hasn't have any Tokyo Decadance except lots of event at Decadance Bar on August, so it passed over one month from last time. I really missed it so much! So this time's theme was 'Rock' seems classical and common in a sense but it was the newest! I meant the newest, there were lots of people more than usually came from all over the world with them late summer holiday, or people wanted to dress up and enjoy with fresh theme 'Rock' I think. And people ofcause the biggest artists 'DEAD SEXY INC' and 'PUNISH YOURSELF' came to Japan and were performing for this Tokyo Decadance. May you know, each live concert was so cool and amazing, hope you can feel how was it with my blog and some pictures! ;)

I could image from 'Rock' 80's music or fashion kind of this song 'I Love Rock N Roll' by Joan Jett and the Blackharts or the same song sang by Britney Spears. Then I made the original collar with used jeans and fake fur as Britney put on for the CD jacket 'My Prerogative', and I cut and arranged same jeans more grubby as older worn-out one. And I would like to do the similar hair with cans as Lady Gaga has done in the PV 'Telephone' one day. So how do I look with my Rock style!?





I could the dace floor was full of people were still dancing in the early in the morning from the stage!

I was really lucky to talked and took some pictures with members of PUNISH YOURSELF. They looks little bizarre or scary, but it was just image, so nice to talk and spend time with them! Merci!

■Tokyo Decadance Special Rock at Christon Cafe, Shinjuku (Sep18.Sat.2010)

でぃすあに Sep4.Sat.2010 @Decadance Bar

This is the day had the other Decadnce event, でぃすあに kind of the music and cos-play event for fan of Japanese animation.