New Year Party @Decadance Bar

 This night, I went to 新年会 aka New Year Party at Decadance Bar to meet to say Happy New Year to all my dear friends 
at there same as the last one.
 There were already full of people was drinking and dancing on the floor around
mid night when I've arrived there.

May you know, the symbol animal of
this year we say it 干支Eto is dragon,
so I've made it with white wig which I bought at 原宿Harajuku with only 500yen a few days ago and wire. Then I put it on my head and arranged my hair as Mahican.
Long time no done Japanese style so I could feel it fresh but this night was really cold anyway :P
Can you find it is dragon? ;)

♥ ♥

These are new drink and we could try a bit of them on this night luckily :)

New Year Party @Decadance Bar (2012. Jan7. Sat)

Went To Shimo-kitazawa

I went to 下北沢Shimo-kitazawa 
next day of New Year's Day, 
and walked around the street to shopping.
May you know, Eve to New Year's days
we Japanese say 正月Shogatsu is the most important holidays for us to have day off 
and spent time with family or them dears 
at home (It is usual Japanese how to have 
a new year, so some other has exception 
of cause.), so only a few of store has opened but almost them were still has closed 
and it was too late time I went there.
 I've got some of good closes with good price this time, but I'd like show you some pics about quiet town which were unusual first.


(2012. Jan2. Mon)

Electro Shock -Double Dragon- Promo

Movie by Iligal Underwear
Sound by 4Kuba / CPU

Planet presents “Electro Shock -Double Dragon- @MODULE

Planet presents “Electro Shock -Double Dragon-

2012. 1/8. Sun    22:00-6:00

東京都渋谷区宇田川町34-6 M&IビルB1F/B2F
TEL: 03-3464-8432
FAX: 03-3464-8432

Door: 3000yen (+1D)
Discount: 2500yen (+1D)
VIP: 2000yen (+1D)

※You can enter for a Discount price of 2500yen when you bring your Discount ticket or join the Planet Facebook page/ mixi community and show the display of your cell phone to entrance.
You can click here to go to the community.
mixi community / Facebook page
 ※If you have a discount ticket with stamp of 12/16 planet event, You can enter with a discount VIP price of 2000yen+1Drink. Please give your ticket at the entrance. (Don’t forget to bring your ticket)

=Electro Stage=(B2F)
★Guest DJs★
Funky Gong [Joujouka/Madskippers](DJ&Gutter Live Performance)
DJ Taihei [OverDrive]

★Planet DJs★
DJ Rinaneko [Madskippers/Tokyo Decadance/Planet]
Kenzo-A [Gabriels Stiletto/The Cabal]
DJ Max [Planet]
Beatkrush aka CPU [SFX Recording/IBZ Recording/Planet]

=Trance Stage=(B1F)
CPU [Nutek Records/3D Vision]

★Guest DJs★
Hatta [Grasshopper Records/原点回帰]
Pure Pressure [Nutek Records]
E.T. [3D Vision/Fineplay Records/Disasterpeace Rec]
Ryu-Guu [Sunflower of Today/Psy-Zen-Sen/Baku]
PsySuke aka Vivid Loop [Nutek Records/OverDrive/NEKo Studio]
Psylence aka Sun69 [Nutek Japan/Psy-Zen-Sen/OverDrive/Sunlight Groover]

Naoko Watanabe [Planet/Turbulence/Side-Seven]
ILLEGAL UNDERWEAR [No Pan Night!/O.T!Japan/Planet]


からあげ君 〜霧島の恵み〜
美肌鳥鍋 〜お塩味でどうぞ〜
お結びころりん 〜ゆかり梅/きのこ味噌〜

とっても素敵なClubでNew Year Partyを開催します!
Electro最強軍団 vs Trance最強軍団 


※It is all night event so under 20years old cannot enter. Please show your ID card.
We will request you to leave immediately when we find Violence, bring things that are prohibited or dangerous goods. Thank you.

Planet☆ Electro Shock HP (PCサイト) (携帯サイト)