Tokyo Decadance special Heaven and Hell @Christon Cafe

This time Tokyo Decadance was planed by SiSeN, CoCo, Kengo, Selia not Adrien, because it had his Birthday too. They chose Heaven and Hell for this time theme, then planners and people came the event decided which could he go, Heaven or Hell? Of cause it was one of the surprise to celebrate for his Birthday together . So this time, I imaged falling angel from the theme and dressed up with costume as evil black was oozing from the pure white. The basic black dress and cape were ready-made one, but the others I made for image.

the pic DJ SiSeN took for me and the other one with Marine

Jour Anniversaire Adrien!

Tokyo Decadance special Heaven and Hell at Christon Cafe, Shinjuku (Jul24.Sat.2010)

2010.Jul19.Mon. @Decadance Bar

July19 and 20th on next day have three of my friends Birthday, so they came to Decadance Bar after home party. (Sorry,,,yesterday I had a big party 4 the love may you know, and I was making little presents for them, so I couldn't make it to come first home party) I went only Decabance Bar, it was good time to celebrate them Happy Birthday together!
Decadance Bar's special Birthday cake

Happy Birthday to you! ^^

This night's Decadance flight-meal was going to Thailand

he he sorry to late to say you well come back to Japan, Adrien :P

Decadance Bar original ice cream with food blue! :D

with Marine
he he I really love this ice cream and my tongue gets lovely BLUE!!!

Long time no see them anyway, so I was really lucky and it made me happy!
(Coco-chan, Adrien and Hibari-san)

4 the love 2nd anniversary @東京SALON

This day has the event 4 the love's 2nd anniversary with invited Alton Miller from Detroit for this time guest DJ. So we enjoyed and celebrated with good DJ's music and people. Obviously, It was Amazing and I felt happy when full of people put on 4 the love T-shirt on the dace floor. May you know, it passed 1year since I help to promote this event too, so I realized that I'm glad to do what a challenging job i can. Anyway, I'd like you know what is 4 the love with some pictures I took ;)

DJ Billion Dollar Boys Club (4 the love)

DJ Taisei (Music Mushroom)

DJ Moo (the Oath / Conciousness)

with Thomas a.k.a. Uncle Tommy
It was his last 4 the love event before he is going to the US,,,:'(

This time guest DJ Alton Miller (Detroit)

Thank you for your coming and hope you join with next time 4 the love too!


4 the love 2nd anniversary @東京SALON (Jul18.Sun.2010)