Japanese SAMURAI's Supporters In Shibuya Jun29.Thu.2010

This Day had the World Cup football game, Japan against Paraguay from 11p.m. in the Japanese time! So I went Shibuya with Ronin Dave to took movies and photos. May you know, Japan won the last game against Denmark then they could go second round, so this is the first time to win to be in the best8! Regrettably, Japan lose this game after extended game and PK this time,,,but it was really good game and I was really happy to spent time to join and cheer with the people, cause it was first time :)

Ronin Dave was wearing Yoroi as Samurai :)

with Ronin Dave and a passer in front of the polices

There were full of Japanese supporters were wearing as SAMURAI BLUE even if they lose the game :)

Finally, we had break first with guys met at Center-Gai st.
(Omata-kun, Sayaka, Yoshiki, Ronin Dave, Fumi, Yamada-kun and Micky)

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