Tokyo Decadance special TRUMP @TRUMP ROOM

This month, May has twice Tokyo Decadance's event, bar open party last time and this time regular event at the club TRUMP ROOM in Shibuya. Its theme was 'TRUMP' same as card you know, so i could see people wearing checker and border with black, white or red, costume has lots of illustration of trump card. Especially this time people dressed up like as the characters from the recent movie 'AliceIn Wonder Land' by Tim Burton, those were reminded me his movie and really proper to there atmosphere. For me, I would like to put trump cards on parts of my body as Lady Gaga has done in this picture, then I arranged old under wears, the corset and white wig. Almost my friends said me you are really different from usual, so how do I look? :P
I should better to had something on my neck,,,:S

Tokyo Decadance special TRUMP @TRUMP ROOM, Shibuya (May29.Sat.2010)

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