baroque STYLE by MoRpHO and Kiss

Last day, I went to club ASIA at Shibuya to go the live concert of MoRpHO one of my friend Kerwin is the organizer of SWEET DREAMS in. I've heard that it was the firstest performance that MoRpHO stured up them professional activities, so they played as main event, but other two famous band group PLASTIC ZOOMS and Galaxy 7 were invited on this day. And It had fashion show by MARQUIS is the German fetish magazine. So I'd like to show you the pics about live show at club ASIA and some of pics I took at after party Kiss at TRUMP ROOM.


with Sho and Taiyo from PLASTIC ZOOMS
It's impolite of I haven't known them before and I could heard them songs
only from half-finished, but them songs, sound and fashion were great.
And after I could talk and took with them Sho and Taiyo, it was good time :)

Miya! I always LOVE your service! It's so Cool as KOOL haha :D

LAU! sorry this day I couldn't make it to join your DJ! Hope next time come soon!

Mei first time, she came with my friend Yo Eng met at last time Kiss event :)

Galaxy 7

with Daisuke from Galaxy7
We are already friend on facebook but was first time to talk with him Daisuke.
It made me so happy that he told me he knows my name and would like to meet me as I did, and he gave me a CD and pins for me :)

fashion show by MARQUIS


I could have so great time till the event was about 4hours.
It was too smoky and dark to took pics or talk to friends but I could have fun :)
After that, my friends and I ate a bit and make up again, went to TRUMP ROOM
has its after party Kiss. Sadly, I have other event Porco Night 1st Anniversary
at Decadance Bar, Shinjuku on this day may you know, I'd love to satay here more,
but I left soon couse I wanna go there too.
Not enough pics but hope you check and like them :)


ZORO Ryuji
He showed me some closes and goods his own designed,
and he told me you can buy them from his web site or blog :)



baroque STYLE by MoRpHO and Kiss (Aug20. Sat. 2011)

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