Walk Around Harajuku To Shibuya

It was same day when I went to
BREACH 10th Project 原宿卍解祭りat Design Festa Gallery with my friends on August 12, Friday.
It was too hot summer day
the temperature was over 30℃
to walk around out side to shopping but I could have a good time.

So this day, I put on Lady Gaga's tank top dress which I bought at Shimokitazawa, and golden leggings got it at H&M other day.
And we've already decided to go to eat Okonomiyaki, and having
strees shopping on this day, then I chose work boots easy to walk so long time.
Totally, I'd kike to add Japaneseness then I slipped on a light Haori and
it also useful as a sun shade.
(the pic took front of DF Gallery)

I found 'Edward Scissor Hands' which I love the movie's T-shirt,
sadly it was little expensive... but It was so nice as I wish I could get it :S

He was painting the wall and smiling to us :)

Finally, I've got this black floral embroidered one peace dress
with only about 700yen (it was 20% discounted price) and simple summer skirt
at CHICAGO, Harajuku


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