Decadance Bar 1st Anniversary and Renewal Party vol. 5

I went to Decadance Bar 1st Anniversary party on last weekend. Sadly I couldn't make it to come buffet time with work, so I joined only party time around midnight. Some of my friends were already came back thm home with the last trains, or went to other event happened around Shinjuku, like Midnight Mess, but I had a really good time at there.
This day, I ware black Haori similar as the other one I put it on Decadance Bar opening party, and I arranged it as one-piece dress with black corset. The last time I used red Obi-corset which I made, but this time I'd like to make it be formal suitables party dress code, cannot find it was Haori not usual dress. Actually, I wanna upload a pic and show you which dress it was, but I forgot to took own nice portrait, and it still needs some revisions. So I may be show it you guys in the other time if it finished to make up!

That too bad he cut his own hand at the party...:'(

840-Hasshin is a photographer
This day was his B-day, so let me say again Happy Birthday to you!!


Special Live by Decadance Airlines


♥ ♥

Special Guest: Hajime Kinoko
He is a famous Cyber-Rope performer

DJ RinaNeko



so lovely bag he had!

Then the next one will be my 20th Tokyo Decadance!


Let me say again Happy Happy 1st Anniversary to Decadance Bar!

Decadance Bar 1st Anniversary and Renewal Party vol. 5 at Decadance Bar (2011. Jun18. Sat)


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