DANCE. 1st Anniversary @Aoyama Hachi

This Sunday evening, I went to 青山蜂 Aoyama-Hachi near by United Nations University has my friend Ryu's most famous event DANCE. and its 1st Anniversary party.
I am ashamed to say it was my first time to go this club and this event even if I've already known it's great event. So this time it made me wanna come strongly.
It goes without saying that it had different excitation from the events kind of Tokyo Decadance or Sweet Dreams which I go usually, and I was happy to met lots of friends I haven't seen so long time. Of cause many friends at there introduced them friends for me, so it was great time to met them and enjoyed talking. Mayuko I took with on this pic come from same place with Ryu was one of them, and I could have a great party night with her so mach :)

DJ Liuu
He is one of my dear Japanese friend met at 4 the love at the first time I met him,
and he always helped for sound effects at our event or other friend's events.
So I'd like to say Happy 1st Anniversary for great music event DANCE. !!
I hope we can enjoy and dance with you guy's music again and again ;)



  1. I wish I could have made it, it looks so fun!

  2. > Mitch

    yeah that was sooooo great! hehe ;)