Porco Night 1st Anni @Decadance Bar

After Baroque STYLE by MoRpHO and Kiss at TRUMP ROOM, I move to Shinjuku to come Porco Night 1st Anniversary party at Decadance Bar. You know it's monthly event at Deca-Bar, but sadly I couldn't make it to came all with some problems about other plan, work and money...so it was about one year to participated in this event and I painted yellow on my face too. Hopefully, I'd like to make up as Porco or the last time I did (if you wanna see how did I make up at the first time Porco Night, please check here!), I had time only before the event Kiss, it seems too fancy and too strange at there with Porco make, so I've mixed 'yellow' the color of him and face make of Gene Simmons from 'KISS' the most famous band group the same name of the event by SWEET DREAMS. It made me big smile when my lots of friends and people on the streets could understand and said 'Wow! you are KISS!' :D
So I hope you can feel what is Porco Night with this articl, and come next time or some day. Let me say first that I couldn't took much pics for SM show, couse it was too painful to see though the end, I wouldn't show you all and familiarize around the world. Hope you read it and have fun any way ;)
This pic with LAU took by Eng Miy my friend, thanksss ♥



with Mathieu and Lou
It was really good time to met and talk with them!
Mathieu is friend of my dear Arina as my little sis, and he said Arina told him
about me and he already read my blog some time! Wooow it so sweet!
They stay more in Tokyo, so I'd like to have fun with them more! XD


DJ Technoめがね a.k.a. Gakky



☆Happy Happy 1st Anniversary to you Porco☆


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