For Naoki Matsuda Was The Soccer Player

Before yesterday I've got the news that 松田 直樹Naoki Matsuda was one of the famous soccer player as the former Japan national football team defender, felt down after running and transported to a hospital with cardiac infarction. First, it has reported he was heat exhaustion but it corrected soon.
Then this after noon, August 4th,
Wednesday, I've found really sad news about it when I checked Twitter, it said he dead.
It's too sad to accept it is true for all Japanese not only me who love to watch and support soccer. And it remands me when I was a Jr. high school student, when I see the videos
which he was playing at the most famous scene that 2002, Korea-Japan World Cup how did I love football in it are broadcasted on the TV again and again.
Finally, I am not biggest fun or I don't know about him well, so I'm not
appropriate to talk about him but I'd like to pray for him, and hope he will play soccer he loves on the sky forever.



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