Tokyo Decadance Special High School and SWEET DREAMS 4th Anniversary

I haven't been to Tokyo Decadance from the before last one on February, so it makes me more excite to make ideas of outfit. This time's theme was 'High School' then I imaged sailor blouse and skirt which Japanese school girls wear them as uniform. But this first image was terribly simple and usual I think, then I try to design that was mixed sailor uniform with 80's style that I love the most. first, I imaged blond-Afro hair, lots of accessories were rattled, rather large colorful jacket,,,but sadly, I coulden't find sailor uni was reasonably priced and good one in this time. So I had to changed to put these items together white shirt and a check skirt which I wore when I was a high school student (Japanese usually say 女子高生=JK).
And ofcause Decadance member would be dress up as teachers then I make up with yellow color to make a setting that I am a student in relation ship with Dr. Porco. LOL

←It's so cute, isn't it? I found this socks on that day with only 100yen!
And other goods I put on bough at 1ooyen-shop in my neighborhood. It is full with nice accessory, closes and sundries to remake at 100yen shop, may you know. So I usually walk around there to find better one. You can see the glasses (actually it doesn't has glass, only frame!) is put line-stones on I remade!

Dr. Porco
made a setting that I am in love with him(her?) hehe :P

They are SEX POT ReVeNGe's shop staff :)

He was a principal at Decadance high school not only organizer for this time!

It seems really nice


Around 2am, I was really enjoying it but I removed from TRUMP ROOM with LAU and went to SWEET DREAMS was having at WAREHOUSE702 at 麻布十番Azabu-juban. First, I missed that I thought I couldn't take pictures here('cause one of the staff said that for me!),,,but my friend Kerwin-san is organizer for this event said 'ofcause you can!' then I did. But sadly I didn't have much time to took lots of photos,,,you can see some fashionable people here, and after you can check more great party pics on SWEET DREAMS's HP!
with Kerwin
I forgot to say this time, so now let me say Happy 4th Anniversary!



Unbelievably, I waited the first train and went back to Decadance at Shibuya!
Needless to say, I had really good day-good night! Woohoo!




  1. Wow!

    So many good pictures! I feel so nostalgic!!


    Everyone is looking really good! ^_-)〜*


  2. nice pictures
    Nori as Elvis

  3. Alexis,

    Oo i'm wondering that i could see you here! haha thanks your comment on my blog! XD
    yeah this time was amazing and miss you so much!!

    黄色いアレクシスがいないと 寂しいよ~ :'(((

    how was Tokyo Decadance on Paris btw? so excited wasn't it?
    hope to see you and tell me about it soon! ;)

  4. O I don't have any idea who is Nori as Elvis, sorry,,,
    I don't know all ones on the floor :S