2011.Apr2.Sat. @Shimo-kitazawa

This day was my day off then I went to 下北沢Shimo-kitazawa where my neighborhood after 5p.m. . Ofcause I love to shopping with my friends in day time, but I love to walk around street and check each places just one, cause it's much easy to go lots of shops, you know. So I'd like show you some of pic took at two places where I go and what I bought around Shimo-kitazawa in this time.

I always go to 東洋百貨店Toyo-hyakka-ya is like big market has lots of clothes and accessorizes shop at garage, even if I don't have any purposes what do I want to buy. I just enjoy to walk and look around each shop, and that why I every time come. haha

I entered this shop DIVA sells import goods almost from Thailand, and it was my first time to saw this shop. (may be it has changed from other one in these days)
And it was happy to met and talk with lovely shop assistant this time ;)

I was considering which one is better, Che Guevara or gaNeza,,,
Then finally I chose Che's, cause there is ONLY one shirts!

hmm,,,lots of shawls and scarfes which I love with good price!!! XD

At last, I went to BIG RUBY near b y station, then I found this fake fur coat with 30% off price! It should better to not to say how much it was, but I'd like to say I was really lucky to bought this lovely coat with this price! :))

How do you think my today's coordinate? :P
(sorry,,,I'd not like to show my face was too bad with terrible hey fever this day)



  1. hnnng!

    I need to plan a visit to Japan! So much awesome fashion. Keep posting these shop pictures, I love seeing them. :)

  2. Lindsay,

    thanks you came and said like that! YES! theare are lots of good place to shopping in Tokyo! please come one day! ;)

    I've visited your blog,,,I LOVE it!!
    hope you keep in touch :)