2011.Apr5.Tue. @Shimo-kitazawa

This day I went to shopping to 下北沢Shimo-kitazawa with my friend after work. I was not fine, that's why I've sadly got herpes on my face again,,,but finally I'll be better :)

We can find used and import goods at Little Trip to Heaven, and I really love its interior design, so I usually go to check!
It's bit expensive compared to other shop adound Shimo-kita, but last time I got lovely leggings only 630yen! You should better to go there every day! haha :D

I've traded my old closes to this skirt at NEW YORK JOE

these one got at 3びきの子ねこ with really amazing price! XD

lovely leopard skirt at モンブラン in 東洋百貨店toyo-hyakka-ten
I bought it 70% discounted!!

That was really good day to shopping with my friend, so I'd like to she brought luck!


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