I went to night at TRUMP ROOM, 渋谷Shibuya has xoxo seems the event for people love FASHION, and my friend Minami works as assistant for her boy-friend's brand invited me to come 'cause I didn't have any idea expect Tokyo Decadance. :P

Do you remember these corsets which I made by Obi?
I was really happy to see she took it in her fashion anyway :)

She is this event's organizer

McGee and Megu are dancer

Miku-san has took lots of nice photo shot and took a great picture for me!
I'd like to show you one of it sooner :)

Dance Show by McGee and Megu
It was sooo HOT!!

It was happy to met to photographer Matsuri-san!
I've met her at last Sweet Dreams on Oct, and I thought I'd like to meet her again! :D

I heard that day was his Birthday!

It was my first time to come this event xoxo so I don't have much friend I already met or I don't know about fashion brand or works, so it made me confuse. But I was walk around and taking photos then I could met and talk with really nice guys not only DJs, creator, designer, models, students,,,works for fashion as me!
Finally I had a really good time :)


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