2011.May7.Sat. @Shimo-kitazawa

I didn't have much Golden Week holidays this year with work, then I went to 下北沢Shimo-kitazawa with my younger sister yesterday after rain were stopped. First purpose was go to the store NEW YORK JOE to sell clothes which I never put on anymore, we could get new ones (I meant, could buy some new second hand clothes) after that! :D

May be you already know here is 東洋百貨店toyo-hyakka-ten where I usually go!
There are lots of markets has good ones with good price :)

I'd like to exhibit some accessories and closes which I made or arranged to this market
one day! (one day, one day,,,WHEN!?) :P

This shirts was only 1050yen with the skirt!
got at 3びきの子ねこ
I've got a mail that 630yen→420yen on Mar8! Oh this discount happens till today!

I don't usually get and wear character goods oneself,,,,but!
mmmh!! I really wanna get this T-shirt for long long time!!
It printed MJ-Mickey as Smooth Criminal! Sooo lovely, isn't it?? XD

All T-shirt will be discounted till 8th, 2→3000yen, 3→4000yen...
Then I chose this one printed Lady Gaga in the PV 'paparazzi' on this shirt!

Actually, I got two lovely Mickeys! haha :D

My sister traded some closes for this jacket at NEW YORK JOE.
And I chose to traded (I payed a bit)Chinese shirt with golden dragons-stitched :)


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