UNIQULO UT-Shop At Shibuya Ekiato

 This day I went to UNIQULO UT-shop 'UT POP-UP!TYO' at 東急東横線渋谷駅Tokyu-Toyoko Line Shibuya Sta. aka Shibuya Ekiato. This shop opens Mar28-Apr7 only 10days at there but there were full with 1000kind of T-shirts, and I heard that another 100types Tees are coming on first of April and you can see a few of them here.
 And this time we put on UT then shoot photo and shear it with UT CAMERA app on its Home Page, we could special discount for all Tees when buy them (ex. 990yen Tee→ 790yen! Wow!). I had Anime Tees with good price after enjoyed UT CAMERA shoot, so now I'd like to show you some pics about inside the shop, let me upload Tees I bought later ;) 

These Tee are coming soon...
I'd like to get KISS and AC/DC T-shirts sooner anyway!

I found ME on the big screen!! 
Yeah! It's ME! I LOVE it, thanks!


SHIBUYA ekiato


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