Londan Calling And Kiss

 Last Friday night I went to Rhythm Cafe in Shibuya had London After Midnight party that
 one of my cool DJ friend Michael Muñoz is organizing. It is lounge event not same as the biggest London Calling usual, and it was my first time to join London After Midnight.
 May you know I love huge fashionable or fetish night party, but there was also a different fun that I could put together a 70-80's song and singer, could listen lot of DJ music I haven't ever heard. So I could filled with a variety of new music and of cause I met lovely friends only this night. 
 All the time Mike gives me good opportunity to meet good sound and music, different style or type of event, and cool friends, so I would like to tell him I'm grateful about it now and forever, thank you ;)
DJ  Muñoz is organizer

Ash I met first time this night :)

 I wish I could stay Rhythm Cafe till the end but I'd like to go KISS event is organizing by Kerwin is another DJ friend in club ever at Aoyama too, then I went there after midnight event.
 It was first KISS in this year as New Year's party so luckily I could meet lots of friends and talk after long time no see over 1year or more than 2years at there. Hopefully, I'd like to take photos people put on each fashionable style, but I forgot to bring my camera after work. So let me tell you another web site when my photographer friends upload some pics later!

DJ LAU and Kerwin are my good friends ;)


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