Lovely Halloween Night On Thursday

 Last Thursday night I went to the Halloween event Metropolis Glitterball 2012 was one of my friend organized at Vanity Lounge, 六本木Roppongi with my friends.
May you know I have really important test on this Sunday today then I regretted that I would not go any Halloween events this year...but one of my friend is wearing Captain Of America with skull make up is on the right side on this pic, asked me to help his make up weeks before. Of cause it was my pleasure to do for him and primarily it gonna made me that I'd like to come the event with them!
So let me put on only this photo I love first, then I'll upload event report with pics lots of people in them cool Halloween costumes later...yeah ASAP ;)

...and let me say at the last,
Have a Happy Lovely Halloween for all!!


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