Poreta Porco Night @Decadance Bar

August doesn't have Tokyo Decadance event but it has some daily event on this month at Decadance Bar, so it was the firstest and one of that Poreta Porco Night on Aug14. This day we could his different fashion and lots of shows kind of dance show, a picture-story show and others. May you know, it was warmed up as usual Decadance's event!

I'd like to make up with yellow face painting as Poruko, and ofcause it was my first time to use this color then I choose to refer the dress code as Madonna in the PV
'Like A Virgin' as 60's fashion. So do I look like a virgin?? LOL

with Marine and JoJo

Ayumi and Memu



JoJo and Sunji

with Adrien


Porco's cooking show

took by SiSeN from You tube

Porco family ^^

I took 2 pictures from my friend JoJo's album, merci! ;)

Poreta Porco Night @Decadance Bar (Aug14.Sat.2010)

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