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Thank you for your coming to my blog!
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I Hope you enjoy with 'The Sayaka Times'



  1. I don't mind to leave a word or two.
    And I do enjoy "The Sayaka Times" ;)

  2. Good evening:)

    How are you Sayaka??

    I'm so busy but I wanna see you again, and
    I ask you something...are you OKay to send a
    New Year Card ??

  3. Hello Sayaka ^_^
    I pass here and I saw your demmand so ...
    I don't know what to say exept you're an amazing girl ^_^
    Hope to see you soon
    bashi bashi ^_^

  4. hey Sayaka?!! it's me Rizzy Lol told you I had a Blogger 2 ha,ha fun,fun,fun! like your page it's so cool!!! I added your link to my Blogger as well you rock girl!

  5. Juna,
    i'm really surprised that you left a message from the other account!
    anyway...thanks you come and enjoy my blog! :D

  6. Manami,
    heeeeey!!! thanks you came my blog!
    i had bud cold in these days but now i'm getting better, and you? hope you are doing well!

    ofcause it's okay send me a new year card!
    i'm really looking forward to get it from you at the first of Jan, and i'll send you a card with love ;)

  7. ma GFT,
    merci toi message!

    i'm really glad you came and left a lovely message on my blog!
    hope you'll have lots of fun with my blog forever ;)

    yap yap! i hope to meet you soon!

  8. Rizzy,
    heeeeey!!! what's new with you!?!?
    i'm really happy to contact with you on blog too!

    hope you'll enjoy my blog with pictures forever!

    let's have lots of fun with our lovely blog!!! XD

  9. Hello Sayaka ^^ !

    I just discovered your blog and I am already following you on Twitter. You must have received @messages from me (@googloergosum).

    I am a World Traveller and a Geek, a huge fan of Japan. I actually spend my time between both Paris & Tokyo.

    Hope to hear from you. Your blog is great and I really enjoy all your tweets !

    Matane ^^!


  10. Hello Sayaka!..to be honest I don't really use facebook anymore gomen - - however your blog is really great! :'D it's been awhile since I been on here. Hope to hear from you much love Rizzy!

  11. Sayaka-chan! I don't use facebook anymore, but I favorited your blog while in Tokyo - and I miss you! I hope you are well!

    I hope you are safe and happy! Email me if you like :) mwah!


  12. let me apologize that I haven't commented or replay to you all here so long long time! so sorry!

    thanks you checked my blog and left a message! keep in touch please ;)

    how are you doing miss? ;) ♥ ♥

  13. Mehron,

    Heeeeeyyy!! I'm really glad you came and left a message on my blog! haha that's so cool!!! :D

    yeah I am still safely in Tokyo!

    how's it going anyway? ;)

  14. Hey,
    the last minute before we left Decadance I spoted you and you got "Your" photo from me !

    Tsube chan / Cveto FB

  15. Hi Sayaka,

    Thomas (Uncle Tommy) from the TravBuddy website referred me to you...as I will be coming to Tokyo (from Toronto, Canada) in October for 2-3 weeks, and one of the main things on my to-do list is to check out the Tokyo Decadence Halloween Party (a member of my favourite band will be DJ'ing!)...Thomas said you know all about it - and from your blog, I don't doubt that at all!

    Anyways, if you can get in touch with any tips (how to get a fast-pass, any costume reccommendations, etc.) that would be great...I'm leaving my email address, as unfortunately, I do not do facebook...but I look forward to hearing from you!



  16. Good evening,do you remenber me? I'm Yui.O, was at Aotan. I sent e-mail from mobile phone. I'd like to meet you. I don't change my mail address, I wait your responce.

  17. p.s.
    PC mail is... purplena_skip@yahoo.co.jp