It Is Me

I've made up my blog account just now! I've already have fecebook and mixi account to contact and share lots of pictures and diaries with my frineds in the world. But I'd like to write blog so long time ago, and I've waited the best time to start it. Then I choiced today because i've noticed and begun to know about 'myself' from last Oct2, so this is the best time I think.
I'd like to write about myself with anything which I'm intresed in, especially like music, movie, art, book, manga, photograh, and a notable topics or problems all around the world. And I usually write in English and Japanese, or other languages which I'm learning, or only a picture with no word. Sometimes, I'm busy with class or work, but I try to upload new one as often as possible.

I hope you enjoy and read something into my blog 'the Sayaka Times'.



  1. Juna,
    hm...i 'd like to say is was my crisis to be 'myself' :S
    might be you can understand when you check my diaries aroud the day, i was in trouble

  2. ミクシィ日記ってこと?